Saturday, April 26, 2008

Jacksonville Zoo

Thursday the kids and I went to the Jacksonville zoo. It's about 45 minutes away from our house and we've been once before - last summer when it was just Sydney! I decided it would be a good additional activity to add to our regular list of activities so I bought the yearly pass - which includes admission to many other zoos in the country - incluing Point Definace Zoo in Tacoma! Sydney just loves animals AND they have a waterpark at this zoo too so on a hot summer day, it will be perfect!

It was the first time though that the kids were sort of getting into it. Isaac will be 8 months next week and he's grabbing at everything (as I mentioned in a previous post) so as he and Sydney sit in the double jogging stroller, Isaac is constantly trying to grab at whatever Sydney has OR whatever he can get his hands on. This usually ends up being Sydney's hair. So now while I push them, I have to deal with "mom, Isaac's pulling my hair" or "mom, Isaac's taking my crackers". Isaac just still seems so young but I have to say "Isaac, that's not nice" or "Isaac, please don't pull Sydney's hair - it hurts". I can already tell how different having an infant boy is from having an infant girl. Isaac is definitely NOT gentle! Similarly, Isaac bites everything - including when I'm nursing him. This is a new phenomenon for me as I only nursed Sydney until she was 7 months and had no teeth. Usually I freak out and yell "OWWW!!" and then Isaac starts crying because I scare him. This just started last week and it has been happening more frequently and more regularly. I am determined to make it to one year!!! We will see....if anyone has any tips....I'm all ears!

The kids took their first bath together last night. Sydney's so gentle with Isaac - just wants to play with him, make him laugh, tickle him. She's such a caring little girl and I'm so thankful she has the heart she does.

Daddy is home and we are so happy! Today we took the boat out - thank goodness - it ended up being a really hot and stale day. We all rode the inter tube and had a great time.

Tonight we had dinner with The Ferguson's. We are so thankful to have found such wonderful friends!!! We truly enjoy our time with them and find ourselves laughing so much while we're together. We have such similar backgrounds, it's just been really nice to connect with another family!

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